Lobby Day

The 2022 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference Virtual Lobby Day will kick off on day three of the conference (March 17, 2022). Attendees will schedule virtual meetings with their Members of Congress and staff advocating for policy priorities detailed throughout the conference. Some state groups may choose to schedule additional meetings in the days following the conference.

Looking for tips for virtual lobbying? Check out our pre-conference webinar, Virtual Lobbying is Here to Stay. Organizing meetings with others from your state elevates the likelihood that your Member of Congress will attend your meeting.

Interested in coordinating with others from your state? Choose the option at registration to share your contact information for Lobby Day visits.

Leave behinds, or one-pagers outlining our legislative asks, will ensure that elected officials and their staff remember the important anti-hunger policies discussed during your meeting. Updated resources will be available in the weeks before the 2022 conference.

“Leave Behinds” (one-pagers outlining our legislative “asks”):

Child Nutrition Reauthorization Primer
Child Nutrition Reauthorization Priorities
Urgent Child Nutrition Priorities: Waivers, CEP, Summer EBT

Farm Bill Primer
Farm Bill Priorities: Congress Must Protect and Strengthen SNAP and Other Anti-Hunger Programs

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget and Appropriations Priorities

Other resources:

Questions? Contact Vijay Das at FRAC or Mike Glymph at Feeding America.

“The National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference has been a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge in current food policy issues and best practices in communications strategy for anti-hunger policy. Each year our organization benefits from the excellent resources provided to enrich our work with lawmakers and constituents in advocating for a society that places elimination of hunger at the very top of the list. The skills we have learned have helped us form solid communications plans revolving around supplemental nutrition programs and build relationships with lawmakers and constituents alike. I highly recommend program and communications directors as well as staff attend the National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference. Together we can eliminate hunger in the United States.”
Benjamin Russell, Communications Director, Public Policy Center of Mississippi