Lobby Day

The 2024 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference will be held June 3-5, 2024 with Lobby Day on June 5. Stay tuned for more updates!

Lobby Day was a huge success at the 2023 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference! This year, we encouraged registrants to participate, if able, in our in-person Lobby Day. Hundreds of anti-hunger advocates traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with their Members of Congress and staff to discuss key anti-hunger priorities. We also encouraged those who were not able to attend in-person to schedule virtual meetings.

Leave behinds, or one-pagers outlining our legislative asks, ensure that elected officials and their staff remember the important anti-hunger policies discussed during your meeting. See below to find the Leave Behinds provided for advocates at the 2023 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference, along with additional resources shared during the conference. 

2024 “Leave Behinds” (one-pagers outlining our legislative “asks”):

Additional resources:

Questions? Contact Tim Klipp-Lockhart, tklipp-lockhart@frac.org.

“This is ‘the big show’ for anyone working to end hunger in America. I’ve been attending for a decade, and I’m still learning something new every time. It’s easy to develop tunnel vision in our work; the policy conference opens up my thinking, and reminds me that I am part of a national movement. It can be frustrating building progress in what feel like regressive times. The policy conference renews my commitment, and reminds me how many others share it.”
JC Dwyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Feeding Texas